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Paid Internet Advertising refers to a variety of models for websites to use, in order to reach Web browsers, for a cost. PPC or Pay per Click is Internet advertising strategy that allows an advertiser and search engines to determine a price per each click delivered.  E-mail Campaigns is the delivery advertisements via email. Newsletters Advertising is a website promotion method that includes articles or banners related to your website and is delivered via email. E-sponsorship is the acting of a website supporting the mission of another website within the network. Link Exchange scheme of reciprocal linking whereby two or more websites link to one another to increase traffic, and directly effect your website ranking. Web Banner Ads is a form on web advertising that is embedded into a webpage. Social Networks are websites interest based websites that target visitors communities by niche. Blog Posts is usually managed by the website owner and includes commentaries. Forum Posts take place on online discussion websites. Web Directories offer links to websites and categorizing by those links.
Internet advertising spending is going crazy!
Paid Internet Advertising
Internet advertising is projected to double by 2012, and it has been having double digit growth ever since it was introduced as a marketing channel.
Internet advertising refers to any promotion that takes place online, and includes, but not limited to, sponsored ads, banner ads in social network , email campaigns, newsletter advertising, etc. And the biggest deal lately, is the Pay per Click!
Pay per click, is actually a price an advertiser pays to the search engine, and in exchange they (search engines) display the website in sponsored placement area in search results. When a web surfer clicks on the ad, the advertiser gets charged a cost per click.
Google was the very first search engine to introduce the Cost per Click, which opened the advertising doors for millions of small businesses around the world, and made Google a GOOGLE.
Google has simply developed a technology to allow advertisers to bid real time, on how much their are willing to pay per click, and allowed them to see measure their web traffic in real time.
Free Internet advertising
While your paid web traffic from search engines depends essentially on your advertising budget. Free Internet advertising depends on skills and input you integrate into your website.
Search engines are always on the hunt for websites with a "search engine friendly" layout that meets their free high ranking criteria. offers professional e-marketing solutions to your website. adds targeted keywords to your meta tags and website content, so your website gets high ranking and gets constant, qualified, free traffic from search engines, fast!  Learn more ...
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