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I promote Websites > When to do it yourself promotion and when to get professional web support?
You need to assemble several elements to do a website yourself.
Phase 1: How to start?
Buying a domain name, buying a hosting plan, an email address. and get trained on how to maintain your accounts active.
Phase 2: How to design a website?
Now, your website needs content. Web content comes in the forms of text, images, sounds, etc. Web mastering is the skill of using web components to design a website. Depending of the content of the website, the owner may need to learn how to maintain its website updated if necessary.
Phase 3: How to market a website?
For profit websites success or failure depends in major part on the Internet promotion and web traffic the website receives..
To deliverer a message to their audience, websites can use several Internet promotional channels.
Paid Internet advertising and free search engine traffic are the main promotional channels, regardless of the product or service of the website.
While paid Internet traffic, is -obviously- paid, free search engine traffic does get websites constant, qualified, web traffic, and ranking in search engines, fast. offers professional e-marketing solutions to your website. adds targeted keywords to your meta tags and website content, so your website gets high ranking and gets constant, qualified, free traffic from search engines, fast!  Learn more ...
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