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$49.95 professional keyword optimization for new and existing website

To promote your new or existing website, you either pay for web traffic, or you let me optimize your website keywords, once and for all.
Get your website a search engine friendly keyword layout, and get ready for lots of free web traffic to your website.

Upon payment, each client receives:
- a customized in-depth written report on your current web page(s) performance in search engines;
- an analysis on the current display of your keywords and meta tags, that explains your website's low ranking and lack of free search engines traffic;
- solutions to optimize your webpage for high ranking and free search engine traffic;
- a new search engine friendly keyword layout for your web page(s) to boost your ranking in search results and give you website free constant targeted web traffic, once and for all.

Frequently asked questions:
Q. What do I get for $49.95 per web page?
A. You receive solutions in form of text to copy and paste in your webpage meta tags section. You can paste the text yourself, or let whomever has access to your website add it for you. You also get written solutions on areas of  improvements you can add to your web page.

Q. What is a meta tag?
A. A meta tag is a text your website uses to communicate content to search engines. Meta tags are invisible to the end user of your webpage, yet extremely relevant to search engines.

Q. Do I have to replace my current meta tags?
A. Yes. If your current webpage(s) meta tags are not getting you search engine traffic, you definitely have to use a different set of meta tags to reach your main audience through search engines.

Q. Do I need to redesign my webpage?
A. No. You get written text to copy and paste in your current webpage meta tags area.

Q. When do I see results?
A. It takes search engines anywhere from one hours to one month to crawl your website and index it based on its content. Upon revisions of your meta tags, you can expect your website to get higher ranking and dramatically boost your web traffic as soon as it is crawled by search engines.

Q. How long, after payment, do I receive solutions for my website keyword layout?
A. 72hrs. Clients receive an email with confidential report, analysis, and final solutions to their website.
Upon payment, I look at the webpage(s) your want to revise or create solutions for. I start laying out a professional keyword layout for your webpage, that ranks the page higher in search results.
Upon completion, client is sent a report on his web page with: map of current webpage weakness areas, required changes to get free search engine traffic, and solutions consisting of a written text to copy and paste into the webpage.
Client has to copy and paste provided text in its website html section, and start expecting constant, free, high ranking, from search engines, fast.
Turn around time: 48-72 hours.
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