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Ecommerce refers buying and selling action that takes place electronically, generally through a website or a webstore. Shopping Cart is a software used in ecommerce to allow individuals and companies pay for transactions online. Webstore Provider are companies that provide audience and payment technologies to individuals to conduct business under a webstore.
Webstores. How to get your web store free web traffic?
A web store, is obviously meant to have transactions, and therefore bring some sort of revenue. To be successful in your Internet experience, you want to take your web store as seriously as you possibly can. Because, it is a big Internet out there. Failure is the only alternative to success. To bring out the best of your store, you want to take it seriously to begin with.
Many argue that a web store can generate more traffic than any physical store. This is true indeed. If you compare the web store to the physical store, you will realize that unlike a brick and mortar store, a web store is indeed open 24hours a day. A web store operates on integrated software, while a physical store operates on human resources. And from a traffic prospective, your web store offers your product and service to everyone with an Internet connection, anywhere on planet earth, while your physical store traffic is limited to a geographic area.
There are many success stories out there from individuals that made big $$$ from their web stores. Also, several Fortune 500 companies started a simple web store.
There are several factors related to the success of a web store, starting from the 4 P's (Product, price, place, and promotion)
On the Internet, however, and unlike the brick and mortar store, a web store has way more potential of getting free web traffic and e-transactions than a physical store.
A web store means your rent doesn't exceed $4 per month (hosting).
A web store means you have software working for you while you golf or sleep or travel.
A web store means you can get free web traffic, which means you have no advertising expenses, no printing expenses, no customer service cost.
Key to free web traffic is the knowledge of integrating the right keywords, key word phrases, and meta tags in your website.
Such websites are called "search engine friendly" as they use no spamming to meet search engine indexing requirements. Those are the very websites you see ranking high in the first page of search engines, and get their traffic completely free. offers professional e-marketing solutions to your website. adds targeted keywords to your meta tags and website content, so your website gets high ranking and gets constant, qualified, free traffic from search engines, fast!  Learn more ...
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